Apex Metals

Whether it's an Agricultural Building, Riding School, Industrial Unit or an Aircraft Hangar, Apex Metal Structures Ltd. will design, manufacture and install to your exact specification.

They have been established for over 16 years, and work tirelessly to provide high quality structures with the minimum disruption to their clients. We offer a complete project management service, with our own Ground-works Division and specialist installers, we have complete control allowing our clients a hassle free experience.

As they are based at the heart of the estate they fully understand the importance of having the right building for the job. It’s no secret that the welfare of animals and livestock can heavily influence productivity and their buildings are designed to meet the client’s requirements and are manufactured to BS5502 Part II Agricultural Specification.

They also manufacture structures for equestrian and industrial use and their buildings have been used as garages, workshops, warehouses, aircraft hangars, cold stores and offices to name a few.

For further information please visit www.apex-metals.co.uk
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